In signing up for any lesson, lesson block or membership, you confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (and for memberships this includes the additional membership Terms and Conditions below)


General Terms and Conditions


  • Lessons start on time and you are advised to arrive online or in person a few minutes early to get comfortable and ready to enable the lesson to start on time. Students will not be admitted more than five minutes after the start of a lesson (including online on zoom).

  • In the event you need to leave the lesson before the scheduled end time, please advise before the start of the lesson so I know you are ok.

  • If you have questions you are welcome on zoom to take yourself off mute but at other times all students will be on mute to ensure that other students are not disturbed during the lesson. For in person lessons, mobile phones or any other devices that may disturb the lesson must be turned off at the start of the lesson unless agreed in advance e.g. awaiting an emergency call. In the event devices are repeatedly not switched off, a student may be asked to leave the lesson.

  • In the event of serious illness or injury, please consult with your GP to check it is safe for you to practice yoga before attending and inform me of any changes that arise.

  • If you are pregnant or become pregnant, please advise as soon as possible as this will impact on the postures you are able to practice.

  • If you have booked and paid for a specific lesson, workshop or other event but do not attend, there is no obligation to provide a refund. 

  • For workshops or retreat days, once booked, if you cancel 14 calendar days or more prior to the start of the workshop or retreat, a 50% refund will be provided (increasing to 100% if I am able to find a replacement for your space). If you cancel within 14 calendar days of the retreat, a refund of 50% will only be provided if there is a replacement to fill the space.

  • If you have booked a 10 lesson block but do not use it within six months of the date of booking the block, the lessons will expire and no refund is available. 

  • Links to all lessons will be provided to participants at least 24 hours prior to scheduled lessons. If a lesson is booked on a one-off basis, if there is 90 minutes or less prior to the start of the lesson, Lyndsey Hayes cannot guarantee the link will be available to you in time and if this is the case the lesson can be carried forward to the next lesson requested. 

  • If you have a five lesson block of 1:1 lessons, Lyndsey Hayes will provide 24 hours notice in the event she is unable to make a pre-agreed lesson date. Likewise, 1:1 students must provide Lyndsey Hayes with 24 hours notice of any lesson cancellation. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, this will use one of your five lesson block and it is non-refundable.

Health and Medical conditions

If you have not previously participated in any movement practice such as yoga or qi gong, you must ensure that you take full responsibility for only doing any movements that you feel are appropriate for your health and wellbeing on any given day.


Lyndsey Hayes holds no responsibility for any injury you may sustain in the course of joining in with these movement practices. If you are at all unsure about the suitability of joining in with these practices, you should consult with your GP or other medical professional.

Additional Membership Terms and Conditions

Content provision

Monthly membership provides access to at least two [2] live lessons (duration of 45 minutes or longer) a week plus one additional live or recorded lesson per month. The only exception to this will be holiday weeks there will be no live lessons. Lyndsey Hayes may choose to provide additional recordings at her discretion. Live lessons will operate for a minimum of 44 weeks per year.


You have the option to have your membership commence immediately or on a set date. Once it starts your access to the live lessons and lesson library commences. Payment e.g. on 7th January covers that month and if you cancel during that month, you will continue to have access until the 7th February.

Access to the membership library

All live lessons will be recorded and access will be available for members in the members library area on vimeo. In the event you cancel or end your membership, your access to the library area on vimeo will be removed and you will no longer have access to past or future recordings. All recordings remain the property of Lyndsey Hayes and must not be shared or downloaded without permission. In the event you are found to be sharing your membership access with any other party, your membership access will be removed. Lyndsey Hayes can see who has logged into the site and the frequency of log ins.

Other paid content

Membership will also provide you with up to 50% off workshops, talks and other special events that will be held throughout the year.


Student Illness or injury, cancellations and refunds

If you no longer wish to remain a member, you can email me and request cancellation of your next payment due or you can cancel your membership within my website. Your access to the membership site will end once your current monthly payment period expires. No refunds for part months or weeks used/accessed will be available.


Lyndsey Hayes Illness or injury

In the event of illness, injury or other unexpected event that prevents Lyndsey Hayes being able to teach live lessons during the contracted  minimum 44 weeks, a discount will be applied to your membership of £5.80 for every week that Lyndsey Hayes is unable to teach, up to a maximum of £25 after which no further payments will be taken. In the event Lyndsey Hayes has to suspend membership, access to recordings in the lesson library will continue for all members who had made payments prior to the suspension for a three month period. If Lyndsey Hayes is still not able to resume teaching after this time, it will be at the discretion of Lyndsey Hayes (or her representative) to determine if access can continue.