Terms and Conditions

  • Registration Forms (online or hard copy) must be completed prior to the first lesson to ensure required contact and emergency contact information is on file for you. Completion of the registration form also confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  • Lessons will start on time and you are advised to arrive a few minutes early to get comfortable and ready to enable the lesson to start on time. Students will not be admitted more than five minutes after the start of a lesson.

  • In the event you need to leave the lesson before the scheduled end time, please advise before the start of the lesson so the most appropriate time to depart can be arranged.

  • Mobile phones or any other devices that may disturb the lesson must be turned off at the start of the lesson unless agreed in advance e.g. awaiting an emergency call. In the event devices are repeatedly not switched off, a student may be asked to leave the lesson.

  • In the event of serious illness or injury, please consult with your GP to check it is safe for you to practice yoga before attending and inform me of any changes that arise during a course.

  • If you are pregnant or become pregnant, please advise as soon as possible as this will impact on the postures you are able to practice.

  • Lessons are provided in blocks (six, seven or eight) and must be paid for in advance no later than three calendar days prior to the first lesson in the block. If lessons are not paid for in advance, your place may be allocated to another student.

  • Lessons missed by you are not refundable or transferable from one block to another. In the event a lesson has to be cancelled by Marsh Yoga, a refund to the value of the missed lesson will be provided (e.g. for a six-lesson block, one missed lesson will be 1/6 of the value of the course fees paid).

  • For retreat days, once booked, if you cancel 14 calendar days or more prior to the start of the retreat, a 50% refund will be provided (increasing to 100% if I am able to find a replacement for your space). If you cancel within 14 calendar days of the retreat, a refund of 50% will only be provided if there is a replacement to fill the space.

  • If you have registered for a free taster lesson, you must advise as soon as possible if you are not able to attend for any reason to enable the space to be re-allocated to another student. If you do not advise of non-attendance this may prevent your subsequent acceptance onto a block course.

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