I started practicing yoga almost 20 years ago to help manage a chronic lower back injury. Since then I've discovered yoga to be beneficial not only for my back but in so many other areas of life, especially for stress and anxiety and improving overall health. The benefits I've felt from yoga inspired me to train as a yoga teacher so I can share these benefits with others. I especially enjoy helping others with back or joint problems to improve their range of motion again.

I have set up Marsh Yoga to provide accessible and enjoyable yoga for everybody, regardless of age or ability. Yoga is proven to contribute towards improved health and vitality through connecting mind, body and breath. 

The yoga I teach is a gentle mix of yin (typically seated or lying long held postures focused on freeing joints and connective tissues to improve mobility and provide a focus for mindful breathing) and yang (typically standing or seated postures focused on movement with the breath), combined with mindful breathing (pranayama) techniques and some Qi Gong practices. I have a special interest and passion in teaching movement for back care and run a Movement for Back Care lesson each week. 

I provide a kind, compassionate and supportive environment - now teaching online via the wonders of zoom so location is no longer a restriction for those who want to practice with me. 

I have trained with a number of internationally renowned teachers, completing my 200 hours RYT with Simon Low at The Yoga Academy, advanced Yin Yoga training with Norman Blair, Yoga for All training with body positive teacher Dianne Bondy, specialised yoga for back and pelvic pain with Donna Farhi as well as completing training by back physiotherapist Sarah Key. I regularly practice yin yoga with Norman Blair as well as Qi Gong with Mimi Kuo Deemer, acupressure techniques learned from acupuncturist Kate Henley and breathwork from ground-breaking breathwork teacher Dr. Richard P. Brown. In 2020 I completed my Yoga4Health training with Yoga in Healthcare Alliance (YIHA), accredited by the Personalised Care Institute, working to make socially prescribed yoga available to a wider range of people with health issues that can be helped by yoga. 

I am also a proud member of the Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association (SIRPA) following completion of my SIRPA training in 2020. This training combined with my yoga training and experience of chronic lower back pain has enabled me to develop a unique toolkit of resources to help others with chronic back pain.

Marsh Yoga was originally named after teaching in the beautiful Romney Marsh coast and countryside where I used to live in Kent, but continues now following my relocation to Borough Marsh Island, near Reading, Berkshire. 

Lyndsey Hayes

Founder of Marsh Yoga and Health | Movement | Back Care

E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance (U.S)

PCI YIHA Yoga 4 Health Teacher

SIRPA Trained

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