Get Your Life Back 8 Week Back Care Programme

The Reduce Your Back Pain + Get Your Life Back 8 week programme provides a holistic toolkit of practices to help you work to reduce your back pain and begin your journey towards returning to your formerly active lifestyle. 


The course will provide:

  • Help for you to work towards returning to the more active lifestyle that you used to enjoy

  • Increased confidence in how to manage any flare-ups in your pain and understand how your back works and why you may have been making the pain worse

  • The tools and techniques that you can return to over and over to reduce your pain or become pain free

  • Learning with an experienced, kind and empathetic practitioner who understands what you’re going through

  • Weekly live support calls to help you can gain clarity and encouragement

  • Scientifically proven breathwork tools that can help your body’s pain pathways reset

  • Safe and effective movement practices that will get you moving again and remobilise areas that have become stiff and overly protected.

  • Breathwork practices to rebalance your nervous system and reduce your sensitivity to pain

  • Tools and Education to understand the possible stress related causes of pain

  • Mindset and brain re-training tools to help you speed up your recovery

  • Movement practices of around 30 minutes per day to take back control of your pain


Are you ready to commit to taking ownership of your recovery? Do you want a holistic toolkit that you can use to help reduce or resolve your pain? Are you ready to return to doing fun activities again with friends and family?


If you'd like to arrange a free 30 minute zoom or facetime call with me to see if you are suitable for my 8 week Back Care programme, please get in touch. This course is designed to empower you to work towards become pain free. It requires a commitment of around 2-3 hours per week during the course duration and you will need to be able to commit to this in order to get the most out of the course. 


I have a limited number of spaces available for 1:1 assessments, including access to my eight week programme with full 1:1 support.