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Chronic Pain - take the pain out of Xmas

Monday 6th December 6.30-7.30pm

  • Started 6 Dec 2021
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Following the locked down festive season of 2020, the pressure is on to make Christmas 2021 bigger than ever, but how do you navigate the festive season when you have a chronic pain condition? Join a conversation with Lyndsey Hayes and Caroline Burwood who between them have decades of experience with chronic pain as they review their top tips to help you enjoy the festive season. Lyndsey Hayes: Following a lower back injury over 20 years ago resulting in years of chronic back pain, Lyndsey found relief and ultimately resolution through yin yoga (which she now teaches). She now helps others recovering from back pain through her holistic back pain recovery programme, Get Your Life Back. Lyndsey is a member of Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association (SIRPA) and also SIRPA trained. Caroline Burwood: Caroline has supported her husband’s journey with chronic pain for a decade. Professionally she has worked in Healthcare for 16 years, but found gaps in her own knowledge within the Healthcare System. She realised that if she worked in the system yet experienced difficulties, how were others meant to navigate their way? Caroline wants to share her learnings and experiences to help others through their chronic pain journeys. 6th December 2021

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