Meditate on the Marsh

During March and April I ran my first meditation course here on the Marsh - a six lesson course for beginners. During the course we explored why people might meditate, how to meditate, challenges and obstacles to meditation and explored the different types and traditions of meditation as well as experiencing 12 different meditations during the course. I've been really pleased that people have enjoyed the many benefits of meditation - which can vary from person to person, but include increased concentration and focus, calmness and clarity of mind, improved cognitive function and stress reduction. I've had quite a few people ask about when I will be running another beginner course and I intened to do this in the Autumn (will start September) for anyone who may be interested (please let me know on email and I will try and schedule the next course to fit best with day/times that suit the majority). The current Friday slot will remain open for the first group of meditators, who will be able to continue their meditation practice with me, learning to meditate with less guidance and longer periods in meditation. If anyone is unsure about meditation or would like to get in touch with me to have a discussion about it don't hesitate to get in touch.

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