A Balanced and Happy Sequence

I love challenging balancing postures in my own practice and feedback from students tells me that most people also like this challenge! Balancing postures can be fun, help to build strength in legs and build concentration. You can use the wall or props to help support you if your balance still requires some assistance. You can practice this at the start of your day to help you feel balance and happy 😊

1. Tadasana

2. Flow into Uttanasana and back to Tadasana (repeat 4-6 times)

3. Tree Pose (Vrksasana) - stay 1 minute (right foot pressing into left shin) and then move directly into (4)

4. Karate Kid - stay 1 minute (right foot raises so thigh comes up to 90 degrees, right hand above left), move directly into (5)

5. Flying Dragon - bring a slight micro bend into left knee as you fold at crease of hips, taking arms out wide to the side to move forward into flying dragon - stay 5 full belly breaths. Repeat 3, 4 and 5 on the other side.

6. Utkatasana - take hands to hips and bend knees as you sit back into utkatasana. Bring a forward tilt to the pelvis and maintain a lengthened spine as you engage belly and inhale arms up so that palms are facing.

7. Lateral Side Stretch - take hold of right wrist with left hand and reach over to the left side, grounding down in the right foot. Stay 10 breaths. Move back to Uktasana and then repeat to other side.

8. Finish with five minutes in a seated position comfortable for you and focus on the breath or practice Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodanam).

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