Top tunes for an inspired and energised practice

Many people prefer to practice yin yoga in silence. I do sometimes but often I prefer some music in the background. It actually helps me to focus and turn my attention inward and stay in the long-held postures for a longer time.

I have a lot of different playlists that I enjoy listening to but have been spending some of my time in February putting together some new ones. Below are some suggestions to accompany an inspired and energised practice:

1. Turbine by Hiatus (a bit more upbeat than some of my usual music, but I find this exceptionally uplifting)

2. Returning by Jennifer Berezan (nearly eight minutes of haunting mantra like vocals and vibrational sounds)

3. Honoring by Peter Kater (gentle pipes, strings, piano and some more beautiful vocals for a peaceful practice)

4. Deva Loka by Drala (again, more upbeat instrumental with some lovely melodies and tunes)

5. Home by Drala (another instrumental track with some haunting background melodies)

6. Gayatri by Lisbeth Scott (a beautiful rendition of the Gayatri mantra)

7. Mountain in the Sky by David Michael & Randy Mead (magical music for your practice)

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