My favourite music for yoga practice

Whilst I know some people prefer to practice yoga in silence, unless I’m outside, I prefer to listen to music whilst I practice. It’s often said in yoga that we all have our own inner sound or vibration and the type of music we enjoy listening to is often at a similar frequency or vibration to our own inner sound – I believe this is why some music really resonates and other music really grates!

Often more associated with the jivamukti style of yoga, I believe weaving together different styles of yoga (classical hatha, yin and iyengar) and not being set along one tradition provides a more vibrant and varied yoga practice. Many of you have asked me for advice on music to listen to and so I’ve put together my top ten (current!) favourites for a relaxed and blissful practice that really resonate with me. I’d also love to hear any recommendations you may have.

I download my music from my Google Music subscription. Some of these tracks (although not all) are available on Google Music, Amazon Music and Spotify and (although I don’t have it and so haven’t been able to check) most likely Apple iTunes. One of the tracks is not and I can provide copies from CD (retro!) if you’d like it.

  1. Angel Heart, David Lurey & Mirjam

  2. Om Namo Narmadev, Tina Malia

  3. Saraswati Dreams, Jaya Lakshmi

  4. Suni-Ai (Listening Celebration), Snatam Kaur

  5. Suni-Ai (Listening Meditation), Snatam Kaur

  6. Ong Namo, Snatam Kaur

  7. Joy meditation track 1, Denise Leicester (I have this on CD, I cannot find on download)

  8. Opening, Wah!

  9. Closing, Wah!

  10. Notes from Home, Manose

And one extra for luck…There is also a meditation that I really love and often listen to whilst in savasana. It’s The Great Bell Chant by the Zen Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh (I haven’t been able to find on download – I originally copied from a CD and transferred via USB drive to my playlist, but I have found on the internet for free on the website for free). He also has many inspirational quotes and writings (you can find out more about his work through his website).

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